x-tractor collaborates with other collective structures from here and elsewhere in various ways:
Organising events, inviting and hosting artists from abroad and co-producing artistic projects with other associations or collectives.

RAVE - Reading-Concert

Rave was originally commissioned by Emma lab' (an association promoting German language and culture in Corsica) for a reading-concert as part of the Lektos festival in Bastia, Corsica.
Blandine Casen and Traum_A (x-tractor) worked on composing a text evoking the Berlin music scene of the 90s, based on excerpts from various works (novel, essay and interview book). The text was then adapted and translated into French.
In Corsica, a french reader (Cécile Casen), a DJ (Pierre-Yves Bonniau) and a performer (Caroline Savi / cie la flux) took up the text to offer a musical performance interpretation.
The reading-concert was first presented as part of the Lektos festival in Bastia, and later again as part of the Emma lab' festival in Balagne.

The project has been supported by the bürgerfonds.

Given the positive and enthusiastic response from the public, the two associations (French and German) plan to continue their collaboration and work on a live show including a musical creation and a performance bringing together artists living in France and Germany. So... Work in Progress !

Excerpt of the reading concert "RAVE" in Bastia, Corsica, juli 2023

Bogotrax support

x-tractor members have been supporting the Bogotrax festival for many years. They are both part of it, but now living on the other side of the Atlantic, they strive to support the festival financially by organizing events in Berlin. These events not only promote Colombian artists living in Berlin, but also raise awareness of Colombia's political, social and cultural situation in the German capital.

Bogotrax - Laboratorio Urbano - is a 10 day free festival in Bogotá, Colombia, with workshops, street actions and free parties all over the city. The next edition is the 20th anniversary of the festival.

More information about bogotrax:

The soliparty of the 19.01.24 is canceled but postponed !

The soliparty will feature a variety of music styles from cumbia to electronic, experimental, drum and bass, electro, tekno and live performances. There will also be dance performances and a video exposition.



DJ Mangle (Cumbia y Perreo):

Skupidi (electronics):

Racket Alert (Ixindamix (SP23-Audiotrix) and Bagz (Deadsilence Syndicate):

Earth logoff (analog industrial)

Hellotrip (psy electro):

R.S.S. (crossbreed/industrial hardcore/breakcore):

Kathinka (Female & queer HipHop):

And some other TBA adventures! We will announce them once they are confirmed.




Letizia Iman:

light installation:


Video installation:

Nadia Granados:

La Surreal:


Networking with "el festival centro" in Bogotá

With the motivation of supporting and promoting female artists participation within the artistic and cultural spectrum that aims for equality and empowerment to create freer and fairer societies, we attempt to cover Festival Centro 2024 “los sonidos de la diferencia” (the sounds’ of diversity) in Bogota, Colombia from a gender/feminist approach. Through out spontaneous talks and encounters, but also interviews and videos, with the women-artists along the different venues and performances/shows of the festival, x-tractor proposes a platform* for strengthening the promotion of  Colombian urban subculture expressions in Berlin. As the expected outcome of this experience (Festival’s interviews, videos and networking) in Bogotá, we hope to build up a women’s’agenda which advocates networking and bounding that enhance the collective creation of actions and places for and by women in Berlin.

In its 15th edition from 2 to 4 February, Festival Centro honors Sixto Silgado “Paito”, famous tradicional interpreter of the gaita negra style and founder of the Gaiteros de Punta Brava. Across a wide range of Bogota`s center iconic venues that covers theater halls, cultural centers, restaurants, and open-air auditoriums, there will be free and open shows of artists from a great variety of musical backgrounds and styles. (We’re happy to attend and share the spirit of such a Festival in Bogotá.)

Contribution to the publication of the collective "la fêlure"

Carolina Gomez, Traum_A and Blandine Casen took part in the publication "la petite publi #4" of la fêlure with 2 contributions: a game and a text accompanied by an illustration. La petite publi #4 is a small booklet printed in risography. 250 copies were printed in March 2023.

Hosting of the feminist performance collectiv "la fêlure"

x-tractor hosts la felure for the adaptation of the performance "hystérie".

An initial collaboration began before the residency with the translation of the performance texts. Traum_A and Blandine Casen, both linguists and translators, one a native German speaker, the other a native French speaker, were involved in the project.

Together with S.C.E.N.E.5, x-tractor was in charge of all executive production for the duration of the project. They used their contacts in Berlin to find a place of residence (Wiesenburg), accommodation, a cook, and took care of the transport of the artists and the equipment...

The members of x-tractor were also called in to provide an outside perspective on this new creation/adaptation. Finally, x-tractor was responsible for promoting the artistic work in Berlin. The association informed and invited a wide audience to the two performances organised in Wiesenburg. Both were very well received.



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