video project


Transvermation is a video installation, a digitalized Super-8 video accompanied by a voice-over in French and German.

The video shows a physical transformation through clay, reminiscent of the performances of Olivier de Sagazan. Transforming oneself, making oneself monstrous to escape the multiple systems of domination.

The text was first written in French. Inspired by feminist research and in particular by Paul B. Preciado's speech at the Academy of Psychoanalysts "I am a monster", it evokes the question of the body, limited in its binary definition, and the necessary transformation of the same to achieve a paradigm shift. Our body, this place of all abuses, exposed to the mechanisms of domination (patriarchal, classist, heteronormed, racialized...), must become the battlefield to allow an intersectional discourse.

Inspired by the poetic forms of Gherasim de Luca, the text breaks the grammatical codes, questions the language as a center of power. The interpretation in German is a return to Kafka's "A Report to an Academy," which inspired Preciado.

Learning a new language corresponds to the possibility of freeing oneself from the framework of the "mothertongue." Once acquired, the language of exile, together with the cultural background brought with it, allows a liberation.

x-tractor collective work

Artistic direction: Blandine Casen

Performance: Claire Terrien

Text research and translation: Traum_A and Blandine Casen

Voices : TraumA, Blandine Casen, Cécile Casen

Super 8: Blandine Casen

Sound recording: Ronald Davila

The video installation was first exhibited in Atelierhaus Mengerzeile und Kunstraum m3 (Berlin) and

during the release of la petite publi by compagnie la felure in Marseille.

supported by "Kulturprojekte Berlin, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa".

Berlin, 2021


This exquisite corpse was conceived in April 2020, during the Covid 19 outbreak in Berlin.

videos by: Blandine Casen, Matthieu Bourrel, Adam Goodwin, Jan Krüger, Fokkof, Luis Bustamente.

soundtracks by Adam Goodwin, Penelope Gkika, Nils Erikson, Marcello S. Busato, Amélie Legrand.

Rules of this exquisite corpse:

The film follows the following narrative structure:
- initial situation
- problem
- action 1
- action 2
- action 3
- solution identified
- slow-burning problem
- final position

For each game, one person was in charge of making the video and another person was in charge of making the soundtrack.
The person who made the video sends the last 4 seconds to the next videographer and to the person who made the soundtrack, indicating the length of the video.

Example: Initial situation: Blandine shoots her video, she sends the last 4 seconds to Matthieu (in charge of the "problem" video) and to Amélie (in charge of the soundtrack of the initial situation), indicating the duration (57 sec). Then Matthieu sends his last 4 seconds to Adam, and so on. The musicians also send their last 4 seconds to the next musician.
Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes and no shorter than 30 seconds.

supported by "KulturprojekteBerlin, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa".

Berlin, 2021

El baile del Chontaduro

A documentary by Blandine Casen on the "Chontaduro Dance" in the Colombian Amazon for the archives of the indigenous community. Based on an idea by Rafael Castellanos and Jose Muca
in Leticia, Colombia, 2015

Cameras: Manuela Henao Osorno, Blandine Casen

Video Editing: Blandine Casen

Sound Editing: Marcello S. Busato

Production: Rafael Castellanos

Leticia, Colombia, 2015

Falsos positivos

"...The Colombian military has been murdering civilians and dressing them up as rebels to show fake progress. The number of victims is 1500 so far, and "more reports are arriving daily". Poor young men from the slums were lured with the promise of well-paying jobs, then murdered and dressed up as rebels with weapons. 1177 members of the military are under investigation in the scandal. ... "

video loops by:
Ati - Videopopuli - player left up
Dreamachine - XTractor - player middle up
Paola vj - Forward Loops - player rigth up
Triana - Techsound - player middle middle
LCD - Videoactividad - player middle left
Sin C - - player middle rigth
Visual Nachi - Grafik Detestable - player left down
AV-K - AV-K.TV - player center down
La Krisis - XTractor - player rigth down

music by:

Amos Piñeros - Samplers, Lyrics & Voice.
Ronald Davila - Bass ,Guitar & Programation.

Berlin / Bogotá, 2009