Artistic collective “x-tractor” , is based in Berlin and formed by Blanchebln (filmmaker) , Traum_A ( djane ) , Ronald Davila (sound engineer) and Kkita (video artist).

X-tractor was born in 2005 and has realized many multidisciplinary projects and collaborations .

The aim of the collective is to connect people through organising events, concerts and performances as well as video productions and video mapping .

As all the members of x-tractor come from the “free techno scene” they are convinced that free street culture is making a change in a society where marketing, media and money play a huge role and where arts and culture is often commercialized .

Proposing “free” art and culture is an act of activism and creates a deep connection with the people .

X-tractor is a dynamic group that specialises in projections/video mapping on public buildings, setting up concerts and performing live DJ sets.

Using their direct media channels like their own internet radio and streaming services, the collective brings the content directly to the audience.

Also understand itself as a platform for independant artists, musicians and other insubordinate ones.

Feel free to make a contribution in this chaos.



This exquisite corpse was conceived in April 2020, during the Covid 19 outbreak in Berlin.

Rules of this exquisite corpse:

The film follows the following narrative structure:
- initial situation
- problem
- action 1
- action 2
- action 3
- solution identified
- slow-burning problem
- final position

For each game, one person is in charge of making the video and another person is in charge of making the soundtrack.
The person who made the video sends the last 4 seconds to the next videographer and to the person in charge of making the soundtrack, indicating the length of the video.

Example: Initial situation: Blandine makes her video, she sends the last 4 seconds to Matthieu (in charge of the "problem" video) and to Amélie (in charge of the soundtrack of the initial situation) indicating the duration (57 sec). Then Matthew sends his last 4 seconds to Adam etc... The musicians also send their last 4 seconds to the next musician.
Videos should not exceed 3 minutes and not less than 30 seconds.



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