xtractor record label

Xtractor record label is an electronic music label based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2009 by Ronald Davila, also known as Occron, with the aim of promoting and disseminating electronic music, particularly drum and bass. The label collaborates with the artist collective, Helldrop, and Melting Pot Records from Spain. The label offers a variety of music releases, which are available for streaming and download. These releases include works by artists such as Ronald Davila, Counterstrike, Ambassador 21, Loop Stepwalker, Cooh, and others. The label's catalog features a range of electronic music styles. Xtractor record label also hosts events and streams, contributing to the electronic music scene in Berlin and beyond. They have a presence on platforms like Bandcamp and SoundCloud, where they share their music and news about upcoming releases and events. For those interested in the label's offerings, Xtractor record label provides a collection of their releases on Bandcamp with a discount for purchasing multiple items, and they also offer high-quality downloads of their music. Additionally, they have been involved in events such as Bogotrax and Helldrop Meets X-Tractor Records in Berlin.

These artists contribute to the diverse electronic and drum and bass music catalog of Xtractor record label, based in Berlin, Germany.

Ronald Davila: Known for his release ā€˛Gravita",

Ambassador 21: Released "FAS Berlin".

Loop Stepwalker: Released "Open Source EP".

Gancher: Collaborated with Loop Stepwalker on "Open Source EP".

Hypermood: Known for the release "Chilled Anger".

Mad Complex: Collaborated on the release "Bass Particle Collider".

Counterstrike / Cooh: Released "N.W.O. (New World Order EP)".

S.T.H.: Known for releases such as "Dreamer EP" and a remix of "Chilled Anger".