La Krisis

Act: Vj Live
Homebase: Berlin - Germany
Label(s): X-Tractor
Booking: contact@x-tractor.org
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From the suburbs of Paris to the squatted scenes of Berlin, in problably fithteen years of wandering, the ugly face of the average social contorsion was recognize. From now on, the challenge was not the reproduction of this face but the production of a conscious able to recognize it beyond estheticism and moralism.
The tension in between recognizion (of a form or a social structure) and the necessity of its transformation, was then the living support of her work. And the challenge, again, was from then on in the confrontation of this tension; a confrontation happening IN her visuals. How or when that happens ? Everytime she shows the stubborn opposition of mouvement's velocity (the element itself of "general cinematics") to the unbearable slowness of real liberatory transformations : images of submission and post-industrial abandon : a wandering wife through the graphed debris of a post-industrial no-man's land or the merciless repetitions of technology in the recreations of a deserted world. Images or stories that may join the memory of post-human emancipation through the faces of Marx, Engels, Brecht, Baudelaire, Bakunin, Edgar Poe, Victor Hugo, Walter Benjamin or Derrida.

We remember that the intensity requiered for the awakeness (emancipatory consciousness) cannot be created through the proliferation of images and visual effects (timidly organized around which ever Form or Content). History have to be present against the absurdity of the Orthopedical Social Dispositif.

(A fine piece of future's history breaking like a storm from the Past into the Present Boredom.)

A past that is both, hers and ours. And a past that is our present, no paradox involved : the living history of capitalism through the eyes of broken windows. A piece after another, an image against another, the war is molecular and every inch counts. Body and mind, matter and history. Those deserted buildings - colors like black and white noise - are a mortgage over your soul. Your soul that was an animal and could just live of dreams. She's dead now. You still looking for the right ritual to bring it back to life : you wanna break back into it like you use to break into those buildings bringing life again, with all her cruelty and generosity. You know the tricks and you've never being scared. We all staying underground, waiting for the moment to break in.