Saturday, March 29 , ab 16:00 Schlesischer Busch/Puschkinalle 55/ Berlin 

BBQ + kinder disco + Shortfilms + Djs + Xtreaming  

Shortfilms ab 19:00 
Massiva Massage -> Dir. Yesi 303 (KillerDrumz - Arg.)
KannibalEis -> Dir. Diego Gomez Tibocha - Col.

Line Up 

Dj Trece 
Selectress María Mandarina
Ronald Davila
Hongo Sin Fé

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X-Ttractor is an audiovisual crew . (Producers, Djs , Visuals , Streaming Channel, Record Label... ) Also understand itself as a platform for independant artists, musicians and other insubordinate ones. North-South/South -North communication.

Feel free to make a contribution in this chaos.





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Xtractortv is an experimental and independent audiovisual mobile channel broadcasted by livestreaming since 18 November 2008. The base is in Berlin with partners around the world. Looking for the appropriation of the means and technologies of information and communication and have a dynamic real-time communication between different places / cultures / movements. The content is diverse and versatile: concerts, performances, workshops, djs, festivals, conferences, sports, etc. It is not tolerated: sexism - racism - discrimination - violence. Feel free to make a contribution in this "chaos" .


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